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The Emily Shane Foundation was founded in loving memory of Emily Rose Shane, who was tragically murdered on April 3, 2010 at the age of 13. She was kind to all, compassionate, empathic and eager to help anyone in need. She was a happy person who almost always had a smile on her face. Our Foundation focuses on spreading her message of kindness and giving through our #PassitForward campaign, as well as our unique educational initiative the SEA (Successful Educational Achievement) Program. Emily always tried to help any person or living creature in need. She always had an encouraging word, a hug, an invitation to join her if you were alone. She brought smiles and happiness with her contagious laughter. Our hope is that her values and persona will forever be remembered through the philanthropic endeavors and acts of helping others that the Foundation pursues.




The SEA (Successful Educational Achievement) Program provides individualized, intensive mentoring to struggling/failing middle school students in the mainstream classroom. SEA students are those who risk “falling through the cracks” and who could not otherwise afford this much needed support. We offer a unique Program that addresses a significant need in our educational system. Many middle school students don't "fit the mold" and tend to choose the wrong path when they are struggling academically, be it drugs, joining a gang, acting out, suffering from low self esteem, etc. SEA's one on one approach acts as a safety net to those who might otherwise not succeed.


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