Bay Ecotarium

Climate and Ocean Conservation Living Museum

Climate Change is the greatest existential threat facing mankind today. Ocean acidification, sea-level rise, melting polar caps, micro-plastics and greenhouse gases are just the proverbial tip of the ice-berg. With every magazine, policy think-tank and news organization running major cover stories on this unraveling phenomena, the need for awareness and comprehension of what is at stake has never been greater. A landmark tectonic $260 million transformation of the Smithsonian Affiliated Aquarium of the Bay in San Francisco, to the first of its kind Climate Resilience and Ocean Conservation Living BayEcotarium is now underway.

As the world today stands united and resolute with UN and the wealthiest philanthropies around the globe  pledge support for addressing Climate Change and associated challenges, the BayEcotarium has that rare golden opportunity- the best location, a powerful vision, the finest ambassadors and advisors, stellar design backed by 40 years of serving millions, with the capacity to deliver an environmental edifice of unprecedented scale and scope. Conceived by visionary President & CEO George Jacob and an international team of architects, designers, multi-media and visual communication specialists, the living museum resonates with indigenous native American call for progressive environmental stewardship that marches in step with policy, programs, technology, collective action and a deep resolve within, to turn the tide of understanding–with immersive exhibits on climate, conservation, pollution, consequences of inaction, solutions and call to action. Situated amid a 3 acre public green eco-park dedicated to the mission of conserving, preserving, and saving the Bay, this iconic, highly visible generational non-profit initiative, will transform San Francisco into a destination of climate resilience and a beacon of environmental movement worldwide.

BE the Movement™.


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