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Helpful if you are struggling with : Abandonment, Anxiety, Depression, Fear, First-Love, Monogamy, Relationships, Stress & Sexual Addiction.


-Ella Hobson: 17 yrs old High school student, Southern California, USA

Loved it!!!!!!!  It took me 57 minutes to read, cover to cover! Kenny & Diane is a great play for young people still learning and navigating the struggles, commitments and realities of love and relationships. I am more informed and prepared for life and relationships since reading this play. Such as, what to look out for and what to be careful to avoid. The play shows the strength that a bond such as Kenny and Diane’s can be…both a gift and a burden. I loved Kenny & Diane because of the fluidity of the writing mixed with the plot of the story making it such a cohesive read! 


- Erin Johnson, Art Director & Video Post-Production Producer

"Kenny & Diane strikes me as a straight-up piece of Americana! It dives deeply and without reserve into the motivations and outlooks of the characters in a way that can be helpful to people who haven't taken that deeper look into themselves or for those of us who are ready to dig a little deeper.  A lot of people could take away tremendous healing from the play. love the interweaving factors of humor and drama, which create seamless beats within the story, I kept wanting to know what will happen next! The characters of Kenny & Diane are easy to relate to and easy to become sympathetic towards - both of their perspectives being immediately ascertainable and important. The honesty in the self reflection of the characters shines and is a light which penetrates and alleviates."

- Erin Johnson, Art Director & Video Post-Production Producer


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