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Helpful if you are struggling with : Abandonment, Alcohol, Anxiety, Career Choices, Family Dynamics, Fear, Identity, Old School Ways, Relationships, Self-Expression, Stress, Stubbornness.

If following your heart tears your family apart, would you... could you...?

It might be the fall of 2019 everywhere else, but in the Colangelo home, it’s 1985. At least, according to 38 year-year-old, Vic Colangelo.

Vic's been in charge of his two younger siblings for the past seventeen years, it’s the only identity he knows. Victoria 23, a dancer with the essence of an ingenue and a the heart of tiger, and Danny 22, a future accountant with a poet’s soul. Now that they’re ready to go out on the own, a conflict over Danny’s future put Vic and Victoria at odds and Danny in the crossfire.

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