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About Us: There are four primary components of the Alegría Farmacy. Team Alegría is laser focused on “soil-first, nutrient farming” principles and being prudent “carbon managers”, so we set our goals on developing a zero waste, regenerative organic, carbon negative food production system utilizing existing proven leading-edge technologies. The four fully-integrated components consist of our SoxxBoxx Gro System, a custom GrowSpan CEA greenhouse, an Impact Bioenergy anaerobic biodigester and our Table-on-the-Farm educational, teaching and retail kitchen. For extra power generation and storage, we add on a Heliene PV solar array and SimpliPhi’s power storage system.

Our Mission: An Alegría Farmacy in every community provides for the creation of specialized living-wage green jobs in urban agriculture, dramatically strengthens community health and resiliency and takes advantage of under-utilized land. A single module Alegría Farmacy encompasses less than 3,000 sq. ft. By repurposing land with scalable regenerative organic food production systems, we create a potent bioengine for economic growth and community well-being.
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