Boys & Girls Club of Malibu

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About Us:  In 1999, the BGCM was created in reaction to the tragedy at Columbine by a small group of concerned community members who recognized Malibu’s shortcomings when it came to productive activities for teens combined with isolationism. The Gibson family met the community’s need with a one million dollar gift, which allowed the BGCM to open its doors and focus on vital programs for over a decade.

Over the last 23 years, the BGCM has thrived and has been dedicated to mentoring middle and high school students during their most critical decision-making years, providing them with programs that create confidence and helping to build positive relationships that will support them through high school. In 2014, we opened our first elementary based Club houses on the campuses of Juan Cabrillo Elementary School and Point Dume Marine Science and in the Fall of 2017 our 4th Clubhouse at Webster Elementary opened its doors.

 Although the BGCM was created as a prevention tool to tragedy, by providing Malibu teens and children with engaging activities, it’s become so much more. The BGCM represents and provides services to the most diverse populations in the community, an underrepresented infrastructure of low-income domestic laborers and their children who commute to Malibu for work and to attend the Malibu public schools. Kids come to the Club for a or a variety of reasons, whether it be to escape an abusive home situation or bullying, children struggling with their sexuality, healthy life choices, or simply for any child or teen to have a place with local-interest-based extracurricular actives or to do their homework – with or without help!

Founding Board of Directors: Mark Benjamin in memoriam, Laure Stern, Daniel Stern, Robyn Moore, Douglas Simpson in memoriam.