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"If I had read THE DONUT SHOP when I was young, it would have been a godsend. I struggled with bulimia in high school and during my first two years of college. Having a resource that discussed eating disorders in an entertaining format such as this play brings issues to the forefront. It would have helped me to learn to love myself. The play is a creative way to address the awkward emotionality of those who suffer with eating disorders."

-Blythe Metz-Mändmets, Healthy Lifestyle Influencer, Author, Speaker

"This play is a life-saver for so many who struggle with suicidal thoughts, Bi-Polar Disorder and simply feeling... Alone. Infused with insights, innuendo and humor, ALONE IN MY HEAD empowers those grappling with the paralyzing insecurities caused by mental health struggles."

-Barbara Burke, Journalist

“I love the interweaving factors of humor and drama, which create seamless beats within the story, I kept wanting to know what will happen next! The characters of KENNY & DIANE are easy to relate to and easy to become sympathetic towards - both of their perspectives being immediately ascertainable and important.”

-Erin Johnson, Art Director & Video Post-Production Producer

"Astonishing! THE DONUT SHOP was the first play I ever read and I literally could not put it down! It was such an easy read, time flew by! Now I can’t stop reading TransformativePlays. After THE DONUT SHOP, I read ALL the other plays and then went back and re-read all of them again… each time, learning more and growing more from each character."

Jacqueline Peterson, President of S.O.A.R: committed to the Support of Seminole Fire Victims.

"I wish both THE DONUT SHOP & FLY EAGLES FLY were required reading in all high schools and colleges. I LOVED BOTH!!! Super-fun and super-easy to read, an absolute pleasure. I am excited to support something so important to the world and the industry. So many in need will benefit from the funding that these plays will create, I am proud to support this goodness."

Katrina Bronson, Daughter of Charles Bronson & Mother of Charlie, 12 years old and Autistic.

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