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Build a TransformativePlay Club in your school, community, library, online community or even your own backyard.

Activate a 12 week program of Literacy & Mental Health that raises your emotional intelligence, creates support and generates revenue for your community. 

Each week, for 12 Weeks, the Transformative PlayClub focuses on a different play. 

*Participants read the play prior to gathering 

*Prepare Discussion points, favorite parts, triggering parts, reflections and opinions of the play.

*What was learned, who could this play be of value to?

*Create questions pertaining to the socially relevant subject matter of the play to discuss.

* Ask The Playwright! Prepare & submit Questions for the Transformative Plays playwright Carl Stillitano.

*Choose a scene or monologue they either want to read or hear be read at the PlayClub. 

*Participants experience:

~Sound & Movement warm up: stretching, voice, breathe, emotion release & centering exercises.

~Introduction of participates & favorite parts & challenging parts of this weeks play. Submit discussions questions in a pass around bowl.

~Group discussion of questions & reflections

~Cast and Read selected scenes & monologues from the play. 

~Introduce Next week's Play

12 Books ~ 12 Weeks then repeat

Comprised of

11 Plays & 
Mental Health Monologues available in both digital downloads and soft cover copies. 

"We re-invent reading. Our plays are not reading…they are EXPERIENCES…One of the most touching experiences in developing this gift to the world is to watch young people be engaged, be interested and be better prepared for life after reading TransformativePlays.”

We give tangible tools to navigate life. Our readers are able to identify and witness their own journeys within the characters' journeys and learn life.



*Mental Health

*Funding with TransformativePlays.

We are a Literacy & Mental Health Movement that is income generating; giving half of the proceeds to participating affiliates, either individually with their custom code at check out and or in a crowd funding capacity.


310 387 8373


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